Art Around Town: Meet Pete, the Man Who Knits

With local art, comes plenty of local artists!

TWO HARBORS, Minn.-With local art comes local artists, and one Minnesota native is owning his craft with great pride!

“I’ve always loved art and art in general, and I’ve always wanted to work for myself. So when this opportunity arose, it was really great,” said 39 year-old Pete Barnett, who has been enveloped with the arts for as long as he can remember. His passion first started when he was young, spending days doing crafts with his grandmother.

“She kind of got me inspired with art,” Pete said.

But he had a bit of a setback growing up: Hydrocephalus, or water on the brain. That was until he found Choice Unlimited, a non-profit group dedicated to helping adults with disabilities in career development and advancing skills like Pete’s specialty, knitting.

“People think it’s really cool that I knit.”

Pete picked up looming and knitting in 2014. Though his disability made it difficult to learn at first, Pete taught himself everything he knows about the craft. In 2017 he started what is known today as ‘Crafted by Pete.’ Knitting is not Pete’s full time job. His favorite thing to do is travel around the Twin Ports and post pictures of his newest knitting hot spot, playing his favorite game with social media fans “Where’s Pete Knitting Now?” His favorite places to knit: Judy’s Cafe in Two Harbors and down by Lake Superior.

“Sometimes at home I feel like falling asleep, at night if I’m knitting but being outside is just… energy.”

You can find Crafted by Pete on all social media sites, traveling around the lake and setting up at all the Northland’s local craft shows.

“When I’m knitting out and about, I get noticed.”

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