Surveyors Scavenger Hunt at GIS/LIS Consortium at DECC

Conference Brings Together GIS/LIS Community

DULUTH, Minn.- The DECC got the lay of the land Wednesday, as it hosted the Minnesota Geographic Information System/Land Information System, or GIS/LIS, Consortium.

Land surveying can be helpful to people who own property.

At the conference  GIS professionals from around the state gathered to share methods and ideas.

They also got their hands dirty, finding a “street corner” (a buried stone marked by an “x”) over by the mini statue of liberty using surveying methods.

“How a surveyor would perpetuate a corner would be to identify the marker and then identify the objects in the vicinity,” said Robin Mathews, Surveyor from Pine County. “To help the next surveyor, or the next landowner, or in this case folks in the GIS/LIS community, to help find that marker on the ground.”

Organizers say the purpose of the conference was to build bridges between the different workers of the community, and they hope to continue that communication after the conference ends.

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