UMD Rallies Support for Consent Week

A week dedicated to fighting harassment and teaching people what consent really is.

DULUTH, Minn.- University of Minnesota Duluth students and faculty are rallying together in honor of “Consent Week.”

The week is filled with events including speakers and informational sessions from organizations like the Women’s Resource and Action Center, a group of college students supporting those who have experienced sexual harassment.

Consent week was organized to let students with allies know they are safe from many of the assault and harassment issues they say society is facing today.

“A lot of people kind of don’t know really what consent is, or they think certain things are okay when they’re not so we’re kind of trying to shed light on that,” said student and Women’s Center intern Carly Madden.

Thursday’s Consent Week topic was dedicated to by-standers who UMD students believe should be more active in calling out harassing actions.

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