Locomotive Letdown! Steam Engine Rides Cancelled Until Summer 2019

The Norshore Scenic Railroad Steam Engine 28 will be out of use until 2019.

DULUTH, Minn.- Those who were looking forward to the Fall season’s trip down the Norshore Scenic Railroad on a steam engine will have to wait just a bit longer.

Steam Engine 28 is not quite ready to ride as engineers had anticipated. After discovering a misalignment issue with one of the engine’s wheels, the locomotive has been under repair for longer than expects. The crew of nearly 20 volunteers, who have been working on the wheel, underestimated how long the fixes would take.

“The thing is with safety, a fraction of an inch in railroad can make a big difference and we didn’t want to take that chance, so we aired on the side of safety and we make the repair that was necessary,” said Lake Superior Railroad Museum Executive Director Ken Buehler.

This is the first time repairs like this are being made by volunteers at the Norshore. The steam shop is one of the only ones in the country able to make repairs like this onsite.

Steam Engine 28 should be back in motion by Summer 2019.

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