Two Harbors High School Cancels Homecoming Court

A parent told us the rumor is homecoming court is cancelled this year because of "societal values."

TWO HARBORS, Minn. – During Homecoming Week at Two Harbors High School students and staff go all out.

Thursday is Agate Day and people are decked out in their maroon.

The homecoming dance and big game are still on for Friday night and the cheers and the beat of the drums could be heard from students at the Pep Fest.

But, this year won’t feature the presence of royalty with a homecoming king and queen, since there will not be a homecoming court.

“I saw this coming in a way,” said Two Harbors High School Student Thatcher Sunday.

A parent told us the rumor is homecoming court is cancelled this year because of “societal values.”

But, school officials say that’s not the case, it’s about a lack of interest.

“Because of the fact, that our kids are busy in the fall,”we have, I believe it’s five different sports going on,” said Lake Superior School District Superintendent Dr. William Crandall.

School leaders say they had meetings with student council members about the homecoming court, but ultimately made this choice as administrators.

This was not a student decision.

Crandall said in recent years there’s been a lack of participation.

There weren’t enough students signing up to have a complete ballot for court.

Last year students had to be recruited to throw their names in the race.

“We didn’t have a full junior court, because lack of interest. People weren’t putting their names, not sure what, once again why,” said Crandall. “And, that’s what’s happening this year. Next year we may have a homecoming court again.”

Students have known that there will be no homecoming court this year since mid–September, but they there are other homecoming activities to keep them busy.

Sunday says the decision has caused some backlash, because some students wanted to see the tradition continue.

“I think that part of what us as a school and administration were trying to accomplish was bringing as many people from as many different types of, whether it be, different cliques, different groups and mindsets all together to try and participate the most in homecoming,” said Sunday.

Meanwhile, he says many students are more interested in starting a new tradition to be more inclusive as a school.

“I do think that our goal is going to be starting something here and kind of being the first of the few to make this a new tradition where we can include as many people as possible, have many competitions between grades, have it still be a fun week full of excitement,” said Sunday.

In the meantime, students will cheer their team on for a win.

William Kelley Schools is also in the Lake Superior School District.

Its homecoming coronation was this week, because it’s a tradition the students there wanted to continue.

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