Get Felted Soap at Apple Fest

Some Unique Vendors Selling their Goods Alongside Apples

BAYFIELD, Wis.- Believe it or not there’s more than just apples at Apple Fest.

There are all types of vendors taking advantage of the large crowds to sell their unique items, like felted soap.

“It’s a bar of handmade soap that has wool roving wet-felted around the outside in alternating layers,” said Naomi McFadden, daughter of The Felted Soap Lady. “And it shrinks as the soap shrinks when you use it. And it acts as a washcloth on the outside of your soap. It also extends the life of the soap dramatically.”

McFadden also said that it exfoliates her skin, without being too rough.

The Wisconsin-based company can ship 8 felted soap bars anywhere in the country, for $7.25. You can check their Facebook page for details.

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