Northern Star: Caitlin Schneeweis

The Denfeld outside hitter is taking her talents to the University of Mary.

DULUTH, Minn.-¬† If you’ve set foot inside the Duluth Denfeld gymnasium in the past four years, you’ve probably witnessed Caitlin Schneeweis absolutely killing it on the volleyball court. But she admits it hasn’t always been this way.

“I always played basketball so my mom wanted me to do something in the off-season to get ready for basketball. I just decided volleyball would be the best option,” said Schneeweis.

But pretty soon it was bye bye b-ball hello v-ball.

“I just fell in love with it and I just lost the love for basketball and I decided it wasn’t really worth it anymore. But I really loved volleyball and I wanted to put more time and effort into it.”

So what was it that made her become this dominant one sport athlete?

“It’s so exciting and I love that it’s such a team sport and it takes everyone to be a good team. It takes everyone to pick each other up. It’s just so fun.”

As fun as it is the sport has also put things in perspective for this Hunter.

“Its taught me a lot of lessons about trying to stay mentally strong and just always working hard in whatever i’m doing.”

While Schneeweis praises her teammates for their support it seems like she has done just the same, if not more, for them.

“She’s kind of the engine that pulls the train along. She’s the work horse. She was the one who set all the goals, got everyone on board,” said head coach Pete Stasiuk.

If you have seen her play, you know Schneeweis’ power is no joke. But if you ask her what her biggest strength is she’ll give you a different answer.

“Giving full out effort for every ball no matter where it goes.”

All of this effort that Caitlin puts in has resulted in a future for the senior.

“I’m going to go to the University of Mary in Bismark North Dakota and play volleyball there.”

So in this final season rather than focusing on a state championship like most high school athletes, Caitlin wants to continue doing what she does best.

“The biggest thing for our group has just been trying to change the culture of Denfeld volleyball. Just putting in all out effort all the time and working hard on the court and putting everything you have into practices.”

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