Duluth Celebrates Indigenous Peoples’ Day

The City of Duluth proclaimed Oct. 8, 2018, as Indigenous Peoples' Day back in 2005.

DULUTH, Minn. – It’s Columbus Day, which has been recognized as a national holiday for more than 80 years.

But the City of Duluth and other cities across the country celebrate Indigenous Peoples’ Day.

This was the scene at Duluth City Hall.

City leaders, and advocates saying they believe Columbus Day honors a man who caused harm to Native Americans.

Part of Indigenous Peoples’ Day is letting others know it exists and informing them about the culture.

“We’re on Native land. It’s recognition of our people and it’s important the city recognizes us a people, cause there is a large population here,” said Attendee Shawn Carr. “We’re not going anywhere. We’re experiencing a revitalization with the language and culture.”

Gov. Mark Dayton made a proclamation in 2016, which says in part, “the building of this state would not have been possible without indigenous people.”

And the city of Duluth proclaimed Oct. 8, 2018, as Indigenous Peoples’ Day back in 2005.

“Recently, there’s going to be a park that was lake place park and it’s going to be named Gitche O’de Akiing, which is Grand Heart Place,” said Phoebe Wolfhead Davis of the Duluth Indigenous Commission. “So, that’s one step in a direction that’s local.”

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