Knowing Your Neighbors: Shannon’s Stained Glassery

SUPERIOR, Wis. – Stained glass is growing in popularity. One shop in Superior is making the art form more available in the Northland.

If you’ve ever wanted to make your own glass creation or find the perfect piece of glass art, Shannon’s Stained Glassery in Superior may be the local destination you’re looking for.

“There’s something for everyone in glass,” said Shannon Johnson, owner of Shannon’s.

Johnson has been making glass art for twelve years.

“It’s not just your old style stained glass anymore, there’s mosaics which are a great entry way into glass, using all the little pieces to make a much larger picture, you’ve got the fusing which is where all the great innovation is coming,” said Johson.

She’s owned her own glassery in South Superior for six years where she sells necklaces, picture frames, sun catchers, wedding invitations, and much more.

“If they’ve never seen it before, they’re in such awe because there’s beauty in every corner of the store,” said Johnson.

Shannon introduces new artists to the craft ever week with beginning classes.

“Stained glass is seeing a huge resurgence so our beginning stained glass classes have been filing every month the past few months,” said Johnson.

She loves watching students develop skills while making their own art.

“People see the finished product and it’s a little bit intimidating sometimes and you walk away with that finished panel that you can hang up in your house right away and it’s such a wonderful thing,” said Johnson.

Shannon says even though interest in stained glass is growing, it’s becoming harder and harder to find local glasseries.

“If you’re in a town with a local glass store, support them because it’s beauty bound and people want to learn and they want to do it so we need more stores,” said Johnson.

If you’re interested in learning the craft, Shannon’s stained glassery has a new beginning class starting the first Tuesday of every month that runs for four weeks.

The store is located at 5904 Tower Avenue in Superior.

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