UPDATE: Housing Found For Sex Offender Released to Live Homeless in Spooner

Baugh Has Been Arrested Twice on Probation Violations Since His Sept. 4th Release


An update to a story we told you last month about a repeat violent sex offender released to live homeless in Spooner, Wisconsin after none of the local landlords would rent to him.

The Washburn County Sheriff’s Office announced Tuesday the Wisconsin Department of Corrections has  found a place for 55-year-old William Baugh to live, as he continues to bounce in and out of jail on probation violations.

Baugh first got into trouble with the law back in 1984, according his sex offender release bulletin he forced a minor into prostitution and burned her with an iron when she initially refused.

In 2006 he was on work release while serving time for other crimes and before he arrived at his job site, he broke into an elderly woman’s home while she was sleeping, raped and injured her. In 2010 he plead guilty to and was convicted of that sexual assault and battery.

Since then he’s been in and out of prison on parole violations. September 4th the DOC released him to live homeless in Spooner, and told him to keep his GPS bracelet charged in the parole office, which is located right next to a school, park and daycare. The owner of the daycare told FOX 21 last month they went on lock down as a safety precaution. Other residents said seeing him so close to the school made them uncomfortable. The DOC says Baugh wasn’t actually “sleeping” in the woods behind the office, and that they had created certain ‘exclusion zones’ through his GPS tracker.

Three days after his release, he was arrested after quote “an individual in the community reported he made them feel uncomfortable at a local business.” He was not criminally charged for that incident and the DOC declined to tell us what happened.

Then Sept. 23, he was arrested for being a place that violates his GPS exclusion zones. The department says they investigated, and determined Baugh did that ‘unintentionally.’

The DOC declined to speak with us on camera about this story but they want the community to know, “We will continue to closely monitor Mr. Baugh’s movements and hold him accountable for any supervision violations. If community residents are concerned, they are welcome to call the Spooner probation and parole office.”

Baugh’s new address is on Highway 70 in Spooner Township. It’s important to note that there are 542 registered, homeless sex offenders in Wisconsin.

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