Local Rifle Range Owner Joins U.S. National Team in World Championships

Brian Mrnak will be attending the 2019 World Long Range Championships in New Zealand as a member of Team USA.

ASHLAND, Wisc. – Located in Ashland is Sports Hollow Firearms, a rifle range run by Brian Mrnak. But Mrnak isn’t just a business owner. He is also a member of the U.S. National Rifle Team preparing for the 2019 World Long Range Championships which will take place in New Zealand in January. It is an event that Mrnak is no stranger to.

“I did compete at the 2015 World Championships and I was the only American win a yard line the long yard line which is 1,000 yards. I did take a gold medal at the last one. I’m shooting at the top of my form. I have not shot as well as I have shot this year in any other years I’ve competed. I’m confident,” said Mrnak.

Mrnak’s journey to Team USA all started with a suggestion from a friend.

“I had a friend that realized I might have some potential and I’m a very competitive person and I like shooting riffles so he said ‘hey you really ought to try this stuff,’ and I started shooting and it didn’t fair very well. I had to work to shoot good scores.”

The work put in goes beyond daily target practice.

“The majority of our game is about 95% mental, which I think it is in just about any sport. You may look at me and go okay I’m not an athlete but in a sense it’s a lot of mental preparation. A lot of mental challenge because anybody can do the physical part of my sport it’s just putting it all together.”

While this sport is extremely fun and rewarding, it can cause a bit of a financial strain on the athletes.

“This sport can be rather taxing. It’s not cheap. Our equipment isn’t cheap. Travel is not cheap. Our rifles are expensive. They are all custom. This trip to New Zealand is going to cost upwards of $8,000 for me and it’s not that it’s a great burden but it is a burden to my family. So I have established a GoFundMe site. So that’s my goal is to be the world champion and if anybody can get behind me that’d be great.”

Click here to support Brian in his journey with Team USA to the 2019 World Championship.

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