Massive Tree Slams Onto Home In Superior During Storm

SUPERIOR, Wis. – The combination of wind and one soaked ground has toppled trees onto power lines and even homes in Superior.

A massive tree was uprooted on Hammond Avenue and slammed into a home early Wednesday morning while homeowner Josh Moyer and his daughter were trying to get ready for the day in the dark.

“I was up with my four year old daughter. We were about to get some breakfast and then no power. We were looking for flash lights and candles and what not, and uh, it was just a loud boom and the house shook and, ya know, there it was,” Moyer said.

Moyer says he’s got three or four holes in the house from the tree.

His insurance company will be out on Thursday and so will the city of Superior to cut down the tree, according to Moyer.

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