Pocan and Radinovich Discuss Labor Issues with Union Leaders

Congressman Mark Pocan and 8th Congressional District Democratic candidate Joe Radinovich meet with Union Leaders.

DULUTH, Minn.- The future of the Minnesota economy and rights for labor unions was discussed Wednesday as congressman Mark Pocan joined either district congressional candidate Joe Radinovich for a roundtable at the Labor Temple in Duluth.

The Democratic candidate welcomed congressman Pocan to the discussion as a former union organizer and current co-chair of the congressional progressive caucus,

Radinovich said it was important for both Minnesota and Wisconsin to be represented at the discussion considering the lack of progression Wisconsin has made in terms of labor rights and wages.

“We recognize that the economy represents a pivotal issue in this campaign, and the best direction forward, i think, is to make sure that we have good jobs, good wages, and i think that unions are a big piece of that.”

Radinovich told union leaders that he wants to continue seeing Minnesota move forward in providing healthcare and rights to laborers, and hopes to spread those changes through a congressional seat in Washington D.C. come November.

Radiniovich is facing Republican Pete Stauber and Independent Ray Skip Sandman.

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