New Police Program Provides Hope to Addicts

Superior Police Department Launches 'Pathways to Hope'

SUPERIOR, Wis.- The Superior Police Department is launching a new pilot program, to give people battling drug addiction a choice over their fate.

The “Pathways to Hope” program offers eligible offenders a choice of going to jail, or going through rehab for their addiction, with costs covered for the under-insured and the uninsured. Transportation will also be provided, to get those patients to and from home safely.

This comes thanks to a grant from the Wisconsin Department of Justice, due to the frequency of Heroin and Meth addiction in the community.

“Dealing with somebody when they’re at kind of a low, and often times having contact with the police being involved with a crime and usually getting arrested, creates one of those opportunities where there is a willingness to get help,” said Superior Police Chief, Nicholas Alexander. “And this program allows us to be there right when that happens.”

The Chief hopes the program helps more people out of addiction, eliminating customers for drug dealers.

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