Savers in Duluth is the Top Selling Branch Location in the United States for Halloween Costumes

The local location sells more at Halloween than any other time of year.

DULUTH, Minn.-An important part of the Halloween traditions, picking out the perfect costumes, is made easy at a local Twin Ports location.

Savers thrift store in Duluth is the number one branch location in the United States for bringing in Halloween costumes revenue. The store has hundreds of new and used costume pieces for sale, starting in Mid-September through October 31. This year’s most popular costume… superheroes!

Saver employees say they love watching kids of all ages coming in and picking out the perfect costume.

“To find something that a kid likes, that is just exactly what they want, that brightens up your life. You look at a child and that smile go across their face… there’s nothing like that,” said Savers associate Terry Hanninen.

The Duluth location, selling more at Halloween than any other time of year, aims to sell $2000 dollars worth of gear every day. Savers has already earned 40% of their expected revenue for the Halloween season.

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