Governor Scott Walker Speaks Out to Generations to Come in Superior

Governor Scott Walker stops in Superior to talk jobs and healthcare.

SUPERIOR, Wis.-¬†Governor Scott Walker made a stop at the Ace’s bar in Superior continuing his Wisconsin working bus tour.

Republican leader of the state since 2011, Walker also made stops in Hayward and Ashland, dwelling heavily on the state’s decrease in unemployment in the past 7 months, and claiming the work force is greater than ever before. The governor also mentioned the campaign’s new healthcare plan in effect as of last week that he believes will decrease premiums by an average of $1000.

The focus of his trip through Northwest Wisconsin… maintaining the state’s workforce with natives and bringing up the next generation.

“We got a game plan to keep our graduates here, to make sure every student in the state graduates, to keep those graduates in the state of Wisconsin, and to attract new people in. Whether that’s veterans, millennials or alumni coming back to the state,” Walker told press.

Walker recognized Superior for its recent struggles through the Husky Refinery explosion and severe flooding near the area, stating that he will continue to be present on municipal and county levels for Douglas county and the city when events like this occur.

“You want a governor who’s not afraid to get out of the office and come up and see you. We’ve done that over and over again, it’s part of the reason we’ve made the kinds of changes we have in terms of massive new investments in rural schools, in terms of massive new investments in broadband access grants. Things like that come from being in this part of the state and really listening to the people of Northwestern Wisconsin.”

Walker is the incumbent running against democrat Tony Evers in the election for Wisconsin governor and currently trails behind Evers by ten percent. Walker says he is notorious for being behind in the polls, but he still thinks his campaign can pull through. The election is November 6th.

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