Curling Club Creates Curling Community

Duluth Curling Club Holds Lessons

DULUTH, Minn.- After taking home Olympic gold last year, the USA Men’s Curling Team has become a staple of Duluth.

Now the club they call home is helping other Duluthians try out the sport.

Team Shoostie, as they’re called, named after leader John Shuster, is making waves after their Olympic win.

Despite Parks and Recreation actor Nick Offerman being interested in a movie, and their own tabletop curling set going on sale this fall, the team still has time to give back to their community.

Normally at the Duluth Curling Club, experienced curlers can be seen shooting rocks down the ice. But after their boys took Olympic gold last year, they share the space with some new students.

“There was a huge excitement towards this sport and USA Curling, and we still see that today,” said National Champion, Korey Dropkin.

As with any sport, learning to walk is a little rough. One of the hardest parts to master: keeping your balance.

“To let go of the stone,” said first-time student Kim Thompson, as another student behind her lets go of the rock, and takes a tumble.

Many are shocked when they start having trouble, probably because, from the outside, curling doesn’t look all that difficult, or physical.

“When you come out here and when you try curling, there’s a lot more balance, there’s a lot more endurance, there’s a lot more physicality to the sport than you actually realize,” Dropkin said.

But that doesn’t stop these students, who start looking like pros before long.

For some, to be out here on the ice like this, was nothing but a dream before.

“My daughter was a member of the Duluth Figure Skating Club growing up,” said Thompson. “When we would be up here at the DECC, afterwards we would come by and we would watch the curlers down below. And I always thought, it was a fun thing and a good sport to learn.”

And now that she is learning?

“I think I like it even more!”

Next, time to bring the daughter down to the ice.

“I’m going to call her when I get home!”

According to the Pros, that’s what it’s all about.

“It’s a sport that anyone can do at all ages, and fitness levels,” said Dropkin.

“More of a community than a sport, even.”

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