Northern Star: Reagan Ruffi

For this week's segment we catch up with senior running back from Northwestern high school.

MAPLE, Wis.- The last time the Northwestern Tigers went 9–0 was back in 2010 and if you ask anyone for a reason behind their success they’ll give you one name: Reagan Ruffi.

“Teams that have a record similar to ours, they’ve got some exceptional players and that’s what Reagan is. He is an exceptional player. But he leads not only on the field with his yards and touchdowns but his work ethic. He studies film, he works hard and that’s why he is having the success he is. Along with it helps to have some big horses in front of you to block for you. That’s always a big thing as well,” said head coach Jovin Kroll.

But if you ask Ruffi the success is due to everyone but him.

“The coaches have set us up really well. Our defensive coordinator he is a phenomenal coach. He’s always got us doing the right things. Another thing is our offensive line they’ve just been doing great. They’ve got holes to run through,” said Ruffi.

The senior running back is humble about his own personal success.

“I’ve just been doing my same old thing I guess. I make them miss until I can’t. If not I lower my shoulder.”

He’s been making them miss alright. So much that he is up for the Elroy “Crazy Legs” Hirsch Award which goes to the top senior running back in the state of Wisconsin.

“That would be really awesome. Definitely stick with me for the rest of my life. But to be honest i’d rather win a state title than any award or break any record or something like that. That’s most important to me.”

What needs to be done for that state title?

“We can’t get complacent I guess. We’ve got to keep our heads down, or up heads up I guess I should say. But not get too confident with ourselves and just keep plugging along through the playoffs.”

And state title or not Ruffi has committed to play UMD football come the fall.

“I love the coaching staff. It felt like home. It’s close to home. I know a couple of players on the team. I’ve heard a lot of good things about it. A lot of our coaches went to UMD so it just felt right.”

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