Knowing Your Neighbors: Superior View Farm

BAYFIELD, Wis. – Applefest has come and gone.

Orchards are selling off the last of their 2018 crop as apple season comes to an end.

Hauser’s Superior View Farm has been a staple of Northern Wisconsin for more than a hundred years.

“And our family’s been here since 1908 so it’s been here quite a while,” said Jim Hauser, owner and operator of Superior View Farm.

The orchard and greenhouse has been owned by the same family for five generations.

“Now a days it’s hard to find generation businesses that are still in business for whatever reason they don’t always last that long so that’s more the unique part,” said Hauser.

About a third of Hauser’s sales are during the fall apple season, but they have plenty to offer all year long.

“In the spring we do perennials and we have a wholesale annuals business,” explained Hauser. “In the summer we do small fruits, in the fall we do apples so we’re busy nine months out of the year.”

Even though it’s an old business, the family continues to try new projects. This year, they’re selling hard cider for the first time.

This is one way to utilize the apples or the cider to make it so you can sell it the following summer,” said Hauser.

The namesake of the farm pays tribute to its proximity to Lake Superior.

“Our barn over there, or sales area is a Sears mail order barn,” said Hauser. “It was built in 1928 and there’s a deck on the inside where you can look out at the lake.”

It’s a fun destination for families and school groups to learn about the fruit growing process.

“They’ve never picked an apple or know how they grow or where they come from so it’s kind of cool to come out and pick their own fruit, something they can eat and they know where it actually came from,” said Hauser.

Superior View Farm fits perfectly into the Bayfield community and reminds us the importance of being locally owned.

“You have to try to buy local or shop local because without the local business we wouldn’t be here,” said Hauser. “It wouldn’t be profitable to do a lot of what we do.”

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