Bikers Go Boo at Hartley Nature Center

COGGS Hosts 2nd Annual Shredding Pumpkins

DULUTH, Minn.- Kids and parents in Duluth took advantage of the good weather for some Halloween fun on Sunday.

They rode their bikes over to the Hartley Nature Center for their 2nd Shredding Pumpkins event.

Families decked out in their Halloween best could take on the new trails built by the Cyclists of Gitchee Gumee Shores. also known as COGGS.

“As a mom I’m always trying to get my kids out,” said Stacia Grayson, who organized the event. “They’re a little young to enjoy the trails yet, but I want them to have activities to come to so that they can get on the trails, and enjoy all the hard work it takes to build them.”

After tackling the muddy trails kids could paint their own pumpkins.

And of course, there was plenty of candy to go around.

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