Northern Star: Hannah Norlin

In this week's segment, we talk to a senior forward on the Wisconsin-Superior basketball team.

SUPERIOR, Wis. – Hannah Norlin is a UWS senior playing the game that has taught her invaluable life lessons.

“Basketball has been a huge role because of all the time spent. It is something that really helps with your work ethic. You are constantly working and trying new things, learning new skills and not giving up,” Norlin said.

Her work ethic is apparent, as she earned a spot in the starting lineup for the Yellowjackets from day one.

“Hannah Norlin she was our strong player the last couple years. As freshman she played in 26 out of the 28 games,” UWS women’s basketball head coach Zach Otto-Fisher said. “The team knows that her presence down low is getting us double–doubles throughout the night and I think every other team knows that as well. Hannah’s changing her game this season and this past offseason to get ready for it.”

While she has established that presence down low, Norlin also takes the time to guide her teammates off the court.

“I think just helping out the younger girls and communicating what we need to do and what’s going on. I think that will help a lot. I’d say that’s a role I’d like to take on, just communicating,” Norlin said.

“She’s the quiet leader. When she speaks up there’s silence in the room because they know that. But she’s good at getting the girls together and making sure everybody’s on time. Making sure that everybody knows we’re here to play basketball. Just like the other captains she does the stuff outside of it to make sure we’re a successful team,” Otto-Fisher added.

Guiding her teammates is how Norlin gives back to a team that has given so much to her over the years.

“They’ve been a good support system. We spend a lot of time together. It’s a full time job on top of full time school. They’re always there for you when you’re not by your family and you’re not with your friends all the time. It’s like a second family.”

As she enters her final season, she’s ready for one final round of doing what she loves, surrounded by the people she loves.

“My goal is to leave it all on the court. To play as much as I can and play as hard as I can and to make some awesome memories with this team.”

The Yellowjackets open their season on Nov. 7 in an exhibition against UMD. Their first regular season game is Nov. 16 against Carthage College.

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