Mother Of Victim In East H.S. Assault Calls For Louder Voices Against Bullies

DULUTH, Minn. – The mother of a victim in a recent violent assault recorded on video outside Duluth East High School is speaking out and calling on people to stand up more against what she calls a growing problem of violence and bullies in schools.

The assault happened Oct. 15, and now school officials and police are responding publicly after video of the attack spread on social media, as FOX 21’s Dan Hanger reports.

It’s a video spreading on social media of one brutal beating no parent ever wants to see.

“My temper was through the roof. I was livid. How could you do that to another person,” said Brooke Nemec, the mother of a 16-year-old Duluth East High School student seen in the Snapchat video getting beaten.

The blows to her son Michael’s body includes repeated punches o the head, kicks to the face and even stomps on the body by the other Duluth East student.

“If I was that mom, I don’t care, I would beat my child. I would whoop him. Because if he had the audacity to kick someone’s head in and almost kill him, you don’t know [any] idea what your punishment should be, I swear,” Nemec said.

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Nemec told FOX 21 the attack was all over hearsay and that her son decided to leave school in the early afternoon hours that day to get away from feeling bullied and threatened.

“If East does not expel him, I don’t know what is wrong with the Duluth school system. Bullies need to be accountable — whatever it is, if it’s calling people names, physically, it needs to be dealt with, not just shunned upon,” Nemec said.

The Duluth School District sent the media a statement saying they take violent behaviors very seriously, and in cases like this one:

“Our policies and procedures indicate that aggressors are suspended while an incident is investigated and possible further disciplinary actions are determined. The police department conducts its own investigation, which may result in criminal charges.”

Duluth police said Tuesday they had concluded the investigation, but said they could not say anything more.

In a four-sentence statement from police spokeswoman Ingrid Hornibrook, it reads:

“The Duluth Police Department is aware of a video of an assault that took place near Duluth East High School that is now circulating on social media. The DPD was notified by the school district and officers responded immediately. The case was investigated and is now closed. Due to data privacy laws the disposition cannot be shared.”

Meanwhile, Nemec’s son is recovering from his injuries.

“Michael’s tongue was all scraped up. His face was all swollen. He has white lips that were grey from the bruising,” Nemec said.

And she’s calling on school officials, city leaders, parents and even fellow students to take a louder public stand against bullying and violence, especially in schools.

“Don’t let these kids run Duluth. That’s the biggest problem right now. Most parents don’t understand these little teenage gangs that are really happening,” Nebec said. “These are our kids, our future, and how are they going to get an education and be part of our future if there’s bullies at schools who don’t let them. We are their voice. If we don’t speak up, who is going to?”

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