Wade the Duck: Lost, Attacked, Found

Duck Escapes, Attacked by Dog

DULUTH, Minn.-This week Wildwoods Wildlife Rehabilitation helped save the life of an animal attacked by a dog, and it’s family is happy to have it home.

The duck’s name is Wade.

His owner said he went missing from his coop over the weekend.

They were horrified to find a piece of him in the driveway, fearing the worst.

A few days later they discovered that he had been taken to Wildwoods with injuries, after being attacked by a leashed dog.

The bystander who took him to Wildwoods said, that the dog’s owner was there, and she let the dog go after Wade.

“I don’t know who the woman was that allowed her dog to attack my animal but, it’s very disheartening that she’s teaching a dog that,” said Marie Wyatt, Wade’s Mother.

Wyatt said she doesn’t blame the dog, as he’s just an animal domesticated and controlled by his owner, who is the real one responsible.

According to a Facebook post from Wildwoods, many are calling for the dog owner to face repercussions. But for Wyatt, there’s only one thing for that woman to do.

“To make this right, if she sees this, to make a donation to Wildwoods…because without them my duck would’ve been a goner.”

Wade is recovering well–he had bite wounds on his wings and legs, but is currently on antibiotics.

According to Wildwoods, it is common at this time of year for people to dump domestic farm birds at parks and ponds, leaving them helpless to the cold and predators.

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