Dairyland Outdoor Veterans Retreat Keeps Evolving for Veterans and Their Families

As it grows the hope is to make it a popular destination for veterans and their families.

DANBURY, Wisc.- The Dairyland Outdoor Veterans Retreat (DOVR) was created to give veterans and their families an opportunity to enjoy the outdoors.

The retreat officially opened a few years ago and with the help of the Dairyland community it continues to make progress.

The DOVR is about two years old and as it grows the hope is to make it a popular destination for veterans and their families.

“This is all this township has going for it right now, except a lot of hunting cabins,” said DOVR Board Member Rod Wilson

It’s located in Dairyland,  almost 40 miles south of Superior.

“Now the campground is running,” said Wilson. “That’s running for veterans and they just leave a donation.”

Donations from the community are one of the biggest reasons the retreat is expanding.

“It’ll grow as we get the money,” said Wilson.

The main goal at DOVR is making sure veterans come first, by offering them a place to relax and unwind if they’re dealing with stress or even post traumatic stress disorder.

“They’ll be year round cabins, snowmobile trails and RV trails will go right within 200 yards of us,” said Wilson.

When finished this site will have 3 duplexes two single cabins and one of those will be handicap accessible. The building cost about $100,000 each.

“It’ll be weathered in a couple of weeks ready for snow, rain, everything, then we got the winter to do the interior.” said Wilson.

Septic System Installer Cece Tesky wanted to help out with this project because she comes from a family of veterans.

“I know that my family may not be able to use it, but I think of all the veterans and how they may be able to use this facility,” said Tesky.

She’s not only donating her time, but she also designed the septic system.

“It’s enough capacity for 1,560 gallons a day,” said Tesky.

Tesky says the Radigan Dam break hasn’t played a role in the system.

“It’s an on–site system, so that will come down to this tank. It’s a large tank and then there’s a pump tank here and then it goes to drain fields, which are at grade systems that are in between the buildings and where the flowage is,” said Tesky.

That tank and drain should be in place by Thursday and long term plans for the 14–acre property include a community center that can be used for different events.

All this is just one piece in showing support to the men and women transitioning to civilian life after service.

“Our mission statement is return, rest and renew for veterans,” said Wilson.

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