Judge’s Decision on Stauber’s Emails Pushed to Next Week

Hearing Held on Lawsuit Between DFL and St. Louis County

DULUTH, Minn.- The fate of Commissioner Pete Stauber’s emails rests in the hands of a St. Louis County Judge, who won’t make a decision about whether they should be released until next week.

The Minnesota DFL is suing St. Louis County, to try and get those emails between Stauber and the National Republican Congressional Committee made public.

This comes after the Minnesota Department of Administration ruled, that those emails are public information, and the County was wrong in refusing to release them.

A legal battle took place in the courthouse, as lawyers from both sides argued their case.

The County says, the roughly two dozen emails Stauber exchanged with a Committee member should remain private, since they were sent to an individual.

The DFL claims the messages should be public data, because the individual was acting on behalf of the political group.

The County responded, that it is a myth that the definition of “an individual” does not include an individual acting on behalf of an organization.

Outside of the courtroom, the Joe Radinovich campaign weighed in, stating: “As voting proceeds, the importance of public transparency and accountability cannot be overstated. The County should act in accordance with the lawsuit and immediately release the emails between Commissioner Stauber and the NRCC.”

Meanwhile the DFL only adds that they are happy the judge is expected to make a decision soon.

Neither Commissioner Stauber, nor anyone from his campaign, were present at the hearing, but they did tell us afterwards: “Rather than politicize, obstruct, and undermine the process like Joe Radinovich has, Pete will continue to let matters proceed just as he did when the county originally looked into this and found no wrongdoing.”

DFL Candidate Radinovich and Republican Stauber are competing for the 8th District Congressional Seat in the November 6th Election.

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