Superheroes Unite for Duluth Police Foundation

Superhero 5K Run by 120 Participants

DULUTH, Minn.- 120 Supermen, Wonder Women, and other superheroes came out to race throughout Duluth, to benefit the heroes who fight everyday without capes or superpowers: our law enforcement.

Duluth Avengers and Justice League members enjoyed a rewarding drink at their fortress of solitude, the Sports Garden, after defeating the villain known as the 5k Run.

Just kidding, more of a fun activity than a vicious battle.

“It’s a family oriented event,” said Mark Wick, Secretary of the Duluth Police Foundation. “There’s families with children and people dress up and get into the spirit of it. Fortunately today the weather cooperated with us so it was a really fun event.”

It started at the Sports Garden, went down Railroad St., made two laps around Bayfront and Bentleyville, before heading back to Canal Park.

This year was the run’s big comeback, after being cancelled last year due to storm damage to the lakewalk.

The Fun Run benefits the Duluth Police Foundation, an organization which supports law enforcement and other organizations who help the police department.

Pam Erickson and Carrie Wilson’s husbands are both officers, hired together as partners. Today, they partnered up to run for them.

“I think any sign of support and show of support and showing that people are willing to come out with the community behind them, I think it’s great,” said Wilson.

“This day and age they don’t get that support very often, or they don’t see it as often as they should,” Erickson replied. “So it’s kinda nice to have that for them.”

Even though they ran on their own, their husbands had their back. They sported their husbands’ names and badge numbers on the backs of their shirts.

And on the front: “not all heroes wear capes.”

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