Wet Halloween at Scarium at the Aquarium

Great Lakes Aquarium Hosts Annual Halloween Event

DULUTH, Minn.- Some creepy creatures and characters splashed around with the marine animals at the Great Lakes Aquarium, as families showed up in their Halloween costumes for “Scarium at the Aquarium.”

All ages could come and get their face painted, play some games and of course, get some candy today, a festive addition to the aquatic fun of the aquarium.

Now if kids were having a little too much fun and needed a cool down, a sensory break room was available with low lighting, fidget toys, and quiet activities to calm down.

According to organizers, it took a big school of fish to bring it all together.

“We couldn’t do it without a lot of support from the community,” said Danielle Tikalsky, Aquarium Event Coordinator. “We had 89 volunteers come in and help with this event. And so just to see the community step forward in that type of way is so amazing.”

“And so it makes us very happy and very proud to host an event like this for the community.”

The Halloween spirit could even be felt in the water, as tanks were decorated with pumpkins. And the otters even got some treats for their tricks, enjoying pumpkins stuffed with fish.

They’ve become a fan favorite, especially to young Ryan Rehbin.

He likes the otters,” ’cause they swim a lot.”

He’s dressed as a creeper from the game, Minecraft.

But rather than scare everybody away, he’s too busy having a good time.

“Yeah, I’m having a lot of fun.”

Now no word yet as to why the animals weren’t dressed up, but one of the otters could be spotted wearing a pumpkin, as he tried to get the fish on the inside.

So, they’re making progress.

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