Great Outdoors: Disc Golf at Enger Park

DULUTH, Minn. – Disc golf is growing in popularity across the country.

A course opened last week on the back nine of the Enger Park Golf Course.

A crisp fall day is the perfect time for some to get out on the golf course.

“Been through once already and it’s nice so time for round two,” said disc golfer Nolan Wayne.

Now at Enger Park, golfers have a new way to play.

“Disc golf is exactly the same rules as ball golf, same etiquette, essentially the only difference is we’re using our bodies as the lever and the disc we let go with our hands,” said Charlie Deville, a board member of the Lake Superior Disc Golf Community.

Players throw discs down three, four, and five par fairways, trying to score by getting the discs in a basket.

“So you’re trying to get straight in this net and then it’ll go in the bottom here,” said Wayne. “Anywhere else, on top, doesn’t count.”

An eighteen hole disc golf course spans across the back nine of the ball golf course at Enger.

“This kind of course brings into play what is highly desirable in the disc golf world which is long bombs, as you can see here we have a basket back there about four hundred feet. Most of the holes here are between four hundred and six hundred feet,” said Deville.

The arrangement is one of a kind; a chance for ball golfers and disc golfers to play the same direction at the same time on a public course.

“Ultimately what I hope to have is the interweaving of ball golfers and disc golfers on tee times, so ultimately it would be nice to see tee time at 10:00 for ball golf, 10:15 disc golf, 10:30 ball golf,” explained Deville.

For ten dollars, golfers can play a round of disc golf, a sport that can fill the links all winter long.

“Ball golf is struggling these days and that’s a national thing and a lot of courses are looking for new ways to supplement their income and bring in new ways to have funding,” said Deville.

The fast-growing sport is something players highly recommend. For them, it’s the perfect way to enjoy the great outdoors.

“You should definitely get up here. If you like playing golf or the outdoors, you should take up this sport and come out to Enger,” said Wayne.

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