Ojibwe Windows at Ordean Building

New Window Murals Unveiled

DULUTH, Minn.- The Ordean Foundation and the Arrowhead Regional Arts Council unveiled a new window display celebrating Ojibwe culture on the Ordean building.

The artist says they tell the stories of the native peoples of this land.

“Part of the idea of this is that from the street you can see this beautiful design and it looks really pretty,” said artist Sarah Agaton Howes. “But when you look closely you can see the stories of the Anishinabe people and the stories of the people that came here before.

“And that’s part of what we want is to have people look closely and ask questions.”

The wildflowers are typical of Ojibwe floral design, placed on birch bark etched with Ojibwe pictographs.

Those at the building hopes that it brightens up what they call a normally dull setting.

“This is an old, classic modern building that can be a bit cold and dry, so just the fact that it cold be a building that seems much warmer and welcoming to people,” said Drew Digby, Executive Director of the Arrowhead Regional Arts Council.

“I think people will come out here and sit at these tables for lunch in the spring and summer and feel like this is a good, welcoming place.”

The murals are based largely on the history of native cultures here in the Northland, and how to merge those with a modern touch.


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