Northern Star: Brynne Mickle

This week's segment we talk to Carlton volleyball player and her twin sister.

CARLTON, Minn.- After losing in the section finals last season the Carlton Bulldogs have redeemed themselves and are headed to state for the first time since 2014. A big reason for that is setter Brynne Mickle.

“After we lost last year it just hung over our heads the whole season and we used it as fuel to motivate ourselves because we were hungry for state and we finally got it,” said Mickle.

But Brynne isn’t the only Mickle helping the bulldogs attain this success, she has a twin Abigail who is an outside hitter.

“It’s so fun setting my sister up. When she gets a kill it just makes me happy because I was a part of it. It’s really fun.”

“I love playing with my sister. It’s so fun. She’s a really good setter. With our whole team though it’s kind of like we’re all sisters and we all play together. It’s really easy to know what’s going to happen when we pass the ball to each other,” said twin Abigail Mickle.

As a setter Mickle’s main job it to help lead her family to success. But she does so in a quiet manor.

“I think I lead by example more than leading with my mouth,” said Mickle.

“If you watch the game Brynne is just quiet. She doesn’t get rah–rah. She just plays the game, sets them up. She’s just the quiet setter on the court,” said head coach Barb Soukkala.

She may be quiet but she knows what needs to be done to be successful in the state tournament.

“That’s our big thing if we have good passes and stay on offense we’ll be good.”

“We just need to keep going with our passing. If our passing is good then we can just do the rest,” said Abigail.

So what would a state championship title mean?

“It would be so great because the last few years before they didn’t get very far. To be the team that gets far would just feel amazing.”

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