Some Like it Rainy, Some Like it Snowy

Rain by Lake, Snow Inland

DULUTH, Minn.-The Twin Ports was pulled two different ways today.

Shoppers at Miller Hill Mall were taken by surprise by the immense snowfall, while those by the lake were treated to an all too familiar sight: wind and rain.

In Canal Park waves crashed ashore, reaching heights of 10–14 feet, drowning parts of the sidewalk underwater.

Yet that didn’t stop those crazy Northlanders from getting out to capture the lake’s relentless power.

“We’re taking some pictures and just looking at the waves crash over the rocks,” said photographer Jake Moen.

Him and his friend Ben venture on top of the rocks right in the path of the towering waves, poised for that perfect splash shot.

“Water’s so powerful and it creates such havoc down here on the lake, so I wanted to come check it out,” Ben Danielson said. “He let me know that the waves were over 14 ft, he heard, so I was like for sure we got to go see what it looks like.”

Traveling up the road a bit, people found themselves in a winter wonderland. The area around Miller Hill Mall blanketed in white, catching many unprepared.

“We live in Cloquet and when we left Cloquet there wasn’t really any snow,” said shopper Anthony Hudson. “I didn’t expect it to snow today.”

“Good news for us though,” his companion Rebecca added. “We’re heading down to Fitger’s, so we’ll transition from our snow mindset to rain mindset.”

Because temperatures hovered in the mid thirties, much of the snow turned to slush. This caused many to slow down when navigating the parking lot, in order to avoid slipping and colliding with another vehicle.

Despite lake temperatures changing weather in the past, many simply didn’t see the snow coming.

One poor woman trudged through the parking lot in bare feet and Birkenstocks.

Others came only in sweatshirts or hoodies, the white fluff catching them totally off guard.

After today, Northlanders cannot be criticized for celebrating the holidays too early, going through a White Christmas.

Or perhaps creating a new phenomenon, White Thanksgiving.

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