Former Carlson Bookstore Building Sold; Pop-Up Venue Planned For Garage

DULUTH, Minn. – Some changes in real estate are coming to downtown Duluth. The old Carlson Bookstore building at 206 E. Superior Street has been sold.

Duluth businessman Rod Raymond of Just Take Action, Inc. told FOX 21 Wednesday he sold the vacant building to his investor group out of Eau Claire, Wisconsin.

Raymond says the unannounced tenants have been secured for half of the building. The other half is open for rent.

The building, which was long an eyesore in the Historic Arts and Theatre District was heavily renovated in recent years after Raymond bought the building.

He also owns Burrito Union, Endion Station and Fitger’s Brewhouse, among others.

Meanwhile, the building’s sale comes with a unique opportunity in the garage below.

Raymond is keeping ownership of the garage on East Michigan Street.

It’s being named the “Brewers’ Garage,” according to Raymond.

The garage will store the back-end operations of the Brewhouse.

But Raymond is also hoping to turn the space into an eclectic pop-up entertainment venue that supports the arts community.

“Ya know, 100 people here on a Friday night or Saturday night in the middle of summer during solstice, or Fourth of July or Grandma’s Marathon weekend –Homegrown. Whatever it is, we can do something fun and entertaining,” Raymond explained.

If all goes as planned, the pop-up business model could open as soon as this spring, which is just feet away from Raymond’s underground Rathskeller bar in the Old City Hall building.

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