UWS Get’s Green and Trains its Staff to Help Veterans

UWS hosts "Green-Zone" Training for faculty and staff.

SUPERIOR, Wis.- Staff at UWSuperior had the chance to participate in a ‘Green–Zone’ training which helps staff learn how to better accommodate military veterans and non–traditional students at the school.

The university has been participating in Green–Zone training for about six years now. The reason they host these sessions is to help those coming back from military service re–adjust to civilian life. An example of what they teach professors to do is making sure they are direct with instructions on assignments.

“For the University of Wisconsin Superior to offer these programs, it makes the veteran student and myself to feel more comfortable. It’s a more welcoming environment and it…it just helps a whole learning process,” veteran student leader Nathan Nelson said.

Student veterans run the event and say that almost seven percent of the school’s population are veterans. However, 42 percent of the student’s population are non–traditional, meaning they are married or divorced, have children, are over the age of 25 or are a veteran which is why they recommend everyone utilize these trainings.

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