Duluth Armory Getting Revamped

Restoration and Redevelopment Underway

DULUTH, Minn.- It’s housed the who’s who in 20th century music and culture, including Buddy Holly, in one of his final performances before his death.

That performance was watched by Bob Dylan, inspiring him to pursue his own music career.

The Duluth Armory has sat unused for over a decade, now plans are in motion to bring it back.

Redevelopment efforts start now with restoring the water damaged floor. The project involves repairing about 4,000 square feet, and replacing about 14,000.

The floor restoration is expected to be done in February.

Then the old concert venue will be demolished, before finally being remodeled, while part of it will be open as of next fall, as redevelopment continues.

“The Armory is such a historic building,” said Armory Executive Director Mark Poririer.  The stories that took place and the people that were here are just really part of Duluth’s history and having this building part of our community again would be such a great asset.”

Developers hope to turn the Armory into a mixed use commercial building.

This will include a food hall, market, and room for several other local businesses.

But what remains will be the stage, and a seating area, giving a new generation the chance to experience the legendary music that once blasted through the Northland.



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