Duluth Police Department Adds New “Lateral Officer” Postion

Experienced officers from other agencies can now be hired by DPD anytime throughout the year

DULUTH, Minn. – A new type of police officer position has been added to the Duluth Police Department.

The city council voted on Tuesday to add the new position to help avoid staff shortages.

Up until now, Duluth Police could only hire new officers in new waves over the course of the year.

Now, the city has added a “Lateral Police Officer” position, which can be hired anytime throughout the year.

The lateral officers are experienced law enforcement officers from other agencies that the Duluth Police Department can now hire without the full training need of inexperienced officers.

“It’s important for our police department to be nimble and be able to recruit people who want to come work for the City of Duluth but because of timing from when their previous employment [ends], be able to make moves from different times of the year versus our annual cycle of recruitment.” said Keith Hamre, the city’s Interim Chief Administrative Officer.

New inexperienced officers will still need to apply for the department in the two hiring waves throughout the year.

The police department has told us it’s difficult for them to get enough qualified applicants to fill their 155 officer positions.

They’re hoping the new position will help them fill all the spots.

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