Pro-Life Posters Taken Down and Destroyed at UMD

Bulldog Students for Life tell us many of their event posters were taken down between Friday and Sunday

DULUTH, Minn. – A pro-life UMD student organization says their free speech is being limited on campus after posters about an upcoming event were torn down and destroyed.

Bulldog Students for Life is the pro-life student organization.

On Friday, they put up posters promoting their event, the Face of Choice.

They say many of those posters were taken down by Sunday.

Student organizers say taking down any group’s posters limits learning opportunities at UMD.

“We need to have a place where we can have our minds opened to different things that we want to learn about and so as much as I might disagree with somebody who is for the pro-choice movement, I would never want to tear down any of their signs because they have a voice that’s just as important as my voice,” said Mika Colson, President of Bulldog Students for Life.

UMD issued the following statement in response to the posters being removed.

“We expect members of our campus community to be respectful of all viewpoints, including those that may differ from their own. When a student organization follows the proper process to display a poster about their event and have it posted in an approved location, they should not be removed by other members of the campus community. Anyone with a concern should file a complaint online through our campus climate website.”

We asked the school for information on complaints of vandalism in general, but they were not able to get us that information by the time this story was published.

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