Wisconsin Deer Hunting Begins as License Sales are Low

Hunting Stores Help Hunters Gear Up

DULUTH, Minn.-With the Wisconsin Gun Deer Opener happening at first light on Saturday, hunting stores like Superior Shooters Supply are helping hunters gear up to start the season.

The gleam of polished rifles and the rattling of ammunition boxes mean it’s that time of year: Wisconsin deer hunting begins.

Which means products at area hunting stores are flying off the shelves.

“The boot sales have been really great this year, and that happens,” said owner of Superior Shooters Supply, Pat Kukull. “It’s mostly always optics and ammunition for last minute shoppers, and the optics are every bit as important, of course, as the rifle. ‘Cause most rifles now do not have iron sights on them so you have to have a scope.”

Hunting and the Northland have a long history together.

And every year, the tradition begins at stores like these, a common stop for hunters young and old.

“You can be mentored now at 10, and my favorite thing is seeing families that we’ve waited on all these years come in with their kids and grandkids,” Kukull said.

Despite the generations coming in to the store, the number of deer hunting licenses sold in Wisconsin has dropped in the last two decades, according to the Department of Natural Resources.

About 824,500 deer licenses were sold in 2017, about 50,400 fewer than those sold in 1999.

This raises concerns about the state’s funding for conservation efforts.

You can even buy your hunting license online now, making the process a lot more convenient than it used to be.

The DNR reminds you to always wear blaze orange when you’re out hunting, travel with your firearm unloaded, and finally, know what’s behind your target when you’re shooting at it.

We wish you good luck, hunters.

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