Gun Deer Hunting Kicks Off in Wisconsin

Meat Processors Across State Get Busy

POPLAR, Wis.- Rifles cocked, targets in sight, Deer hunting has begun in Wisconsin.

This means meat processors across the state are going to be extra busy, but the business has been spread out.

With the colder weather allowing meat to be outside longer, the folks at Hursh Meat Processing have had their hands full all day, showing how it’s going to be for the next eight days of deer hunting.

Deer sprawled out around the outside of the shop tell that it has been a successful day so far.

Hunters may owe this to the timing of this year’s hunt.

“It is the earliest possible opener,” said DNR Wildlife Biologist, Greg Kessler. “Despite the cold weather that we might have now, the 17th of November is the earliest opening date that we can have.”

“With the snow on the ground, visibility and seeing deer, and finding deer is going to be pretty good.”

According to the DNR, although statewide the hunt is down so far, the weather and an excellent growing season bode well.

Kessler said the number of deer killed this year should increase even more from last year’s 197,733.

This would mark a trend, the numbers increasing since 2016.

Yet, there has been a change in how hunters operate, according to Kessler.

He said there are less deer driving on public lands, where they are hunted by larger groups. Couple that with the number of individuals hunting on private lands–that creates some hunter retention.

This is a problem for the DNR, affecting how they manage herds statewide.

Of course, it is still very early in the season make any predictions just yet.

But judging by the crowd of deer awaiting processing at Hursh, the hunt has been pretty successful.


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