Duluth Man’s New Firetruck Helps with Holiday Lights

Barry Sinex's New Ride is the Talk of the Town

DULUTH, Minn.-Ask any young boy, and they’ll tell you that it is their dream to own a big red firetruck and drive it around town.

But one Duluth resident made that a reality, and he’s using it to help spread some holiday cheer.

The blare of a siren and spinning lights make you feel like you’re at a fire station.

But believe it or not, you’re in a driveway. Barry and LuAnne Sinex’s driveway, to be exact.

And the firetruck is Barry’s.

He bought it last year.

“Every kid wants a firetruck. I mean, c’mon!” he said.

“He’s really just an overgrown kid,” his wife adds.

Sinex didn’t have a real reason for buying it, other than he always wanted one.

He finally acted on it, traveling all the way to Georgia to collect his prize.

His wife, was not aware of his plans.

“He didn’t tell me about that right away,” she said.

“He kept that one a secret for a while. And then when he finally told me it was, like, not really a surprise, ’cause he just does weird stuff like that.”

But this weird thing that he did ended up helping the whole family.

“One of the ideas I had was to put the Christmas lights up, of course.”

Barry and his son-in-law put up their first set of lights yesterday.

With the firetruck’s help, they hope to win first place in their area lighting contest.

An appropriate achievement, for someone who, let’s say, “helps out” the skydiving Santa of Bentleyville.

Him and his truck have also made appearances at the 4th of July Parade in Superior, and the Christmas City of the North Parade in Duluth.

His fire engine arrangements didn’t stop there.

“Then there was other ideas. I made a great big swing,” he said.

“It’s a 100 foot ladder so I made a 100 foot rope swing, out in Circle in the Street, and the kids in the neighborhood would come out they swing on it, and then my grandkids swung on it.”

Even LuAnne has to admit, she got in on the summer fun, too.

“I hadn’t really had that much to do with it,” she started.

“Oh, you swung on the firetruck,” her husband reminded.

“Although I did go swing on it this summer,” she replied, with a look to Barry.

For him, his firetruck drives just like any other truck.

“I’ve taken friends out to dinner with it, and took my mother up to home depot with it. So it’s a, it’s just another vehicle.”

He’s well aware of what his neighbors think of his new car.

“They think I’m nuts.”

But his neighbors’ calls to help with lights keep coming in.

No word yet on whether he plans to bring Skydiving Santa onto the truck.

If he did, it would add to the growing list of community members sharing in his joy for his big red toy.

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