Tips to Keep Pets Away From the Emergency Room this Holiday Season

Dr. Matthew Severs with Superior Animal Hospital Offers Safety Tips for Pet Owners as the Holiday Season Arrives

SUPERIOR, Wis. – We’re just one day away from Thanksgiving — turkey, stuffing, pumpkin pie and more.

Chances are many of us will eat a little too much on turkey day, but what about our pets?

Local veterinarians from Superior Animal Hospital want to make sure your animal stays safe this holiday season, avoiding a tragic trip to the emergency room.

“Table scraps, fatty foods and things like that can always prevent with a lot of issues and even some of our holiday decorations are extremely dangerous for pets,” said Dr. Matthew Severs with Superior Animal Hospital.

The holiday season is typically a time to spend away from work, at home with family and our furry four legged friends.

Local veterinarians say they’re often stirred from their turkey comas to help save an animal’s life.

Severs tells FOX 21, if you feel the need to give your animal a bit of the Thanksgiving meal, opt for something bland and very lean.

“I really worry about high fatty foods; they can trigger things like pancreatitis, stomach and intestinal upset which can lead to more serious conditions,” said Severs.

Severs says it’s often puppies or kittens aged eight to twelve months old who have to make a trip into the vet for emergency procedures during the holidays.

However, larger dogs can often zone in on bones, resulting in major intestinal issues.

“There’s not a great benefit to giving them bones. It can cause more trouble than it’s worth so I usually say no to bones,” said Severs.

Another important tip stems from the Christmas tree.

Severs says to make sure food and treats are kept up high and not directly placed underneath.

When it comes to cats, experts say live-cut Christmas trees can be deadly.

Veterinarians say pine needles are often ingested and can puncture intestines.

Pine is also highly toxic to cats, making the water that cut trees are placed in dangerous if consumed.

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