Vikre Releases 6th Lot of Sugarbush Whiskey

It takes Vikre Distillery about two years to make each batch

DULUTH, Minn. – Vikre Distillery is celebrating the release of their Sugarbush Whiskey, again.

The sixth lot of the sweet, bourbon-style, maple flavored whiskey was launched Wednesday.

It takes Vikre about two years to make each three-hundred gallon lot.

They say each batch tastes a little different.

“For us because we’re talking about maybe five or six barrels at a time, it really does vary from lot to lot so we think of them kind of like vintages, like wine vintages, where each season has a different kind of flavor to it,” said Vikre owner, Joel Vikre.

Vikre released the first lot of Sugarbush Whiskey in April 2016.

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