Firefighters Learn How to Save a Pet During an Emergency

Pet Safety Training


Northland firefighters respond to emergencies every day. Their lives are put on the line to save others and sometimes the lives the lives they save are pets.

Dozens of firefighters from the Duluth Fire Department learned how to administer CPR and first aid to animals following a fire or other emergencies.

Several dogs were on hand  to give real life experiences.

One by one the firefighters practiced chest compressions and even applied bandages to treat various example pet injuries.

This is a first time training session of its kind for the Duluth Fire department, but pet rescue procedures are very similar to how they save humans.

Beyond helping firefighters  prepare to help animals, they are hoping the training will provide a better overall rescue experience.

Each year, its estimated more than 500,000 pets are affected by house fires and other emergencies across the country.

The Duluth Fire Department is happy to learn first hand how to save these animals.

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