New Store Brings Thrifty Prices to Lincoln Park

Thrifty Bowtique Opens in West Duluth

DULUTH, Minn.- At the height of the holiday season, most stores and businesses look to make as much cash from their community as they can.

But one thrift store is doing what it can to give back to the community.

“The people love coming here, and they say I’m very chipper, and, y’know, nice.”

The chipper owner, Bobbie Shevchuk, isn’t all that greets you when walking into Thrifty Bowtique on West Superior Street.¬†Odd tchotchkes line the walls.

The older, the better.

“Older things last longer,” Shevchuk said. “Y’know, the newer stuff is not made as quality, I guess. And that’s what people say, they say ‘you go into a thrift store, you see old things.'”

“And the reason that is, is because old stuff was made to last.”

That isn’t a typo in the store’s name. It’s called Thrifty “Bow-tique” as a nod to bowties, in an effort to show that they have something for guys, too.

Thrifty Bowtique stands where Meehan’s Auto Parts used to be, a staple of the community.

And the community was on the minds of the owners as they changed hands.

“He was gonna close it down. I said just let me run it, please give me the opportunity, people like to thrift store shop. And he said alright let’s do it then,” Shevchuk said.

“So that’s how I ended up here, kind of a fluke thing, but it’s kinda neat.”

Since then, business has picked up, customers popping up from some…unlikely places.

“For not having advertised, besides on Google Maps, I had a lady come from south New Jersey, found me on Google Maps.”

“And then the community, I’ve gotten busier and busier with out any advertisement.”

Once again, community is at the forefront, items priced lower to accommodate.

Thrifty Bowtique also always accepts donations during their business hours: Tuesday-Thursday from 10am-5pm, Friday til 5:30, and Saturday from 11am-3pm.

If you have things to get rid of but can’t quite get them out to the store, give Shevchuk a call at 218-491-3586, she’ll come by to pick it up.

“A lot of low income people here. I grew up with not much, so I figured y’know what, I want to give back to the community, and help them out a lot.”

And help she does.

She’s planning to wrap some toys to give out to local children for the holidays.

She even makes customers out of those most might turn away.

“I’ve had people come in here out of jail.”

“And they say ‘I don’t have no clothes, can you help me out?’ I’ll say yup, pick out a couple outfits, one for your street clothes and one for interviews. And I ask them how much money they have, and they’ll say $5.”

“I say you give me 4, keep a dollar just in case you need something to drink or something to eat later on.”

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