Mayor Paine: Superior’s Property Taxes, Landfill Fee Falling For 2019

SUPERIOR, Wis. – Superior Mayor Jim Paine says property taxes and a fee will fall for homeowners beginning in January of 2019.

The cut will be just under four percent at 3.77 percent.

Mayor Paine roughly estimates a savings of about $30 for someone who owns a $100,000 home.

Meanwhile, the current landfill fee will not rise to nine dollars as planned in January, according to Paine.  It will instead go from the current $7.75 per month down to $7.25.

Mayor Paine attributes the tax and fee cuts — in part — to revenue from the Oil Pipeline Tax and limited spending growth.

“We’ve … gone from a conservative model of budgeting to once more rooted in recent history. For example, when we budget for gas prices, we could either budget for the most expensive of prices of recent years or use the average of actual costs in recent years. I’ve done the later. Reserves don’t grow as much but our reserves are very healthy. But the savings can be passed on to taxpayers. So it’s actually a lot of things but the Terminal tax means we don’t spend any general fund money on capital projects and it limits how much debt we issue, which also lowers annual costs,” Paine explained.

And while the tax cut may not seem life changing, Paine says “My overall point is that from taxes to fees, the city is doing its part and with a growing economy, we can expect some relief.”

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