Tips for Preparing Gear for Outdoor Winter Activities

Staff at Continental Ski and Bike say to check all gear before getting outside

DULUTH, Minn. – Now is the time to get outdoors gear ready for the winter season.

Stocking up on warm base layers is a good place to start before going outside according to employees at Continental Ski and Bike in Duluth.

They tell us if customers have gone more than three years since updating bikes or skis, now is the time.

They also recommend waxing skis and checking all gear before taking it out in the snow and ice.

“Cleaning your bike more frequently than you would during the summer, making sure it’s clean before you go out for that first ride but then also checking the chains, making sure that it’s lubricated and also making sure that you’re replacing worn items more frequently than you think you might need to,” said Jon Haaversen, buyer at Continental Ski and Bike.

“Make sure that your bindings are proper. If you’ve gotten new skis or boots, you want to make sure that everything’s going to be compatible and everything’s going to release right because that’s a safety issue,” added Felicia Lynn, who handles marketing and merchandising for the store.

Continental has wax clinics on Thursday nights for skiers to learn how to properly wax their gear.

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