15 Story Residential Tower Planned to Replace Voyageur Lakewalk Inn

$75 million dollar plans to develop on Superior Street


DULUTH, Minn.-An estimated $1 billion dollars in development expansions is expected from Essentia and St. Luke’s hospitals next year.

Now another 75 million could be added to the downtown area.

Developers Titanium Partners is planning a 15 story residential tower to replace the Voyaguer Lakewalk Inn on superior street.

A 2017 study conducted by the Greater Downtown Council found the City of Duluth is in need of 2,000 more residential units across all income levels.

The rental tower is expected to house 204 units.

The goal is to bring new residents to the downtown community as well as attract businesses to fill the 18,000 square feet of street level, retail space.

Many people may be skeptical of the abundance of construction plans in the downtown area, but developers are optimistic of the outcome.

Brian Forcier, who is the Managing Partner at Titanium Partners, says “There’s a lot of people working behind the scenes to make sure that all of the very large construction projects will go off in a uniform fashion.”

Currently there are no plans to build new parking to go with the tower.

The project is estimated to be done in 2021, if Titanium Partners gets approval from the City Council in December.

The Voyageur Lakewalk Inn will remain open throughout the 2019 season.

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