AICHO Indigenous Youth Photos Make Up 2019 Calendar

New Calendar Features Photos Taken by Indigenous Youth

DULUTH, Minn.-The American Indian Community Housing Organization or AICHO is releasing their 2019 calendar, with creations from some unlikely artists.

Much of the calendar is made up of photos taken by kids from “In Progress,” a program for indigenous youth from the Twin Cities.

Over the last year, the children were given access to high end cameras and took pictures hiking, in the lake, and blueberry picking, among other scenes.

All the pictures and their captions related to food sovereignty.

Topics included the importance of pure water, and the appreciation of the Earth and its gifts.

“It’s really good for kids who are, y’know, traditionally underrepresented to, y’know have their voices heard and be able to represent themselves,” said Moira Villiard, Arts and Cultural Program Coordinator with AICHO.

“Just the fact that they’re urban indigenous youth, so they have a perspective that’s not traditionally represented when you think of indigenous kids, or indigenous youth.”

AICHO calendars will be on sale at their Indigenous Art and Gift Shop for $15.

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