Superior Mayor Jim Paine Kicks Off Re-Election Campaign

Paine held his re-election campaign at the Superior-Carnegie Library.

SUPERIOR, Wis.- Twenty months as Superior mayor has come and gone for Jim Paine but he believes his work is far from over which is why he has decided to run for re–election.

Mayor Paine kicked off his campaign in a bit of an unconventional space, the Superior–Carnegie library located on Hammond ave. But he chose this location for good reason.

“In the same way a couple people have always believed in this building, we could save this building, a lot of us always believed we could save this city. And two years ago we started the process of actually bringing this city back,” said Paine.

Now, Paine’s work continues. In his first partial term the mayor says he kept it simple by targetting housing, wages and development.

“We are no where near done. We have neighborhoods that need saving. Houses that restoring. We have new roads to build. New sidewalks to connect neighborhoods to business communities. We have business districts that are growing but aren’t there yet.”

While Paine says he will work to accomplish those things he urges members of the community to come forward with their own ideas.

“This actually is your town. It’s not something where you’re just going to go to the voting booth and turn over to me for a couple years and the city council…it belongs to you. Your ideas have to be floated up every single day to those of us that have the privilege of holding these offices.”

As of now Paine is running unopposed. The election will be held in April of 2019.


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