Northern Star: Alexia Klaas

For this week's segment, we talk to the St. Scholastica women's hockey senior captain who said her family on and off the ice has made her the player she is.

DULUTH, Minn. – After transferring from Minnesota Duluth after her freshman year, Alexia Klaas has been a key part of the St. Scholastica women’s hockey program for the past three years.

The senior is currently tied for the most goals on the team and is second with 12 points, and has helped lead the Saints to a 7-3-1 record. But Klaas credits her success to her teammates on the ice.

“Obviously hockey’s extremely important in my life, I’ve been playing it since I was four or five years old so to be able to be part of a family and have girls that not only look up to me but I look up to them as well and get to play hockey with these girls, it means a lot,” Klaas said.

Her Saints family aren’t the only people Klaas has in her corner. She grew up in Duluth with an older and younger brother who are both athletes and very competitive as well, which Klaas said has helped shape her into who she is now.

“I would refuse to lose to them growing up, so that definitely was part of my competitive spirit. But my parents always pushed me to be a good athlete and the best I could and I just really don’t like losing and I think my brothers helped out a lot with that,” Klaas said.

The Saints captain has two large support systems cheering her on and two groups of athletes that she can help push to reach their full potential.

“Yeah they obviously do. I mean, you can see it every day in practice just the way they look at her. They know that she’s serious and she’s taking this seriously and they kind of follow her lead on everything we do and every day in practice and in games,” head coach Jackie MacMillan said.

“She’ll go to my games and my parents will give me some advice after but when she talks to me and gives me advice, I take it to heart and really focus on what she gives,” Alexia’s brother Duluth Denfeld football and hockey player Dominic Klaas said.

Regardless of what happens the rest of the season, Klaas is thankful she made the choice to stay in Duluth.

“You have your advantages and disadvantages of staying at home but on the weekend and stuff I can go home and see my brothers and my parents and have fun and maybe play sports with them but every day I get to see these girls and on the rink and it’s another family dynamic so I’m really blessed to have both,” Klaas said.

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