Curling, Beer and Pizza- Oh My!

The Duluth Experience's newest tour includes two monumental pieces of the Northland's history.

DULUTH, Minn.- It was the perfect time to launch The Duluth Experience’s newest tour after all the curling hype from the Winter Olympics.

“People really want to get out and curl…there’s a lot of interest,” Duluth Experience co-founder and CEO Dave Grandmaison said.

At one point, Duluth had the largest indoor curling facility, known as the Duluth Curling Club… Located at what many recognize today as the rose garden.

“Duluth’s curling history goes all the way back into the 1890s. 1892 was when we had our first sheet of ice in Duluth,” Grandmaison said.

But in the 70’s, the Duluth Curling Club moved to the convention center.

“I didn’t realize it had such a history and there’s so many intricacies to the sport itself and nuances and stuff, so it’s fun to try something new,” curler and beer drinker Jim Paquette said.

The tour teaches about the history the Winter sport has in the city. But curling is just part one.

“The beer component to this tour isn’t just an add on, it’s actually a really substantial part of it,” Grandmaison said.

After training and a competitive match, the group heads to Ursa Minor Brewing for a behind the scenes look and beer tasting, and a dive into the history of brewing the city has to offer, too.

“It’s a great combination. Having activity and then just being able to enjoy the craft brews that Duluth offers… It’s a lot of fun,” Paquette said.

In the five years that the Duluth Experience has been offering tours, they say giving new creative experiences to the Northland is their number one priority.

“A lot of sports, for example… Fat tire biking, curling, snow–shoeing even, there’s a little bit of a barrier to getting into it. Maybe you don’t have the equipment, maybe you don’t know where to go, you don’t know how to do it, and it just takes a little bit of encouragement,” Grandmaison said.

There’s still four chances left to enjoy the curling and brews fun. Those interested in getting involved can sign up here.

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